Orva offers storage technologies of different levels of the storage hierarchy evaluating certain core characteristics as well as measuring characteristics specifications of your organization. Core characteristics of our storage are volatilized, mutability, accessibility, and addressability. For any particular implementation offering storage technology with the characteristics capacity and performance.

We understand your volume of data and requirements of information that is generated by email, multi-media, surveillance recording, scanning, document management and a host of other business critical applications. Thus, we assist you in the decision of technology you require based upon your current and predicted growth of data. We make sure that your requirements for data availability, disaster recovery and data management that fits within your budget. We help you through this process and ensure you get the right solution for your business.

IT infrastructure is the essential to build a platform capable of meeting the needs of your business and delivering quality IT services to users. We have extensive experience building IT infrastructure solutions covering server, storage and virtual environments, working with many of the world’s leading IT vendors.

As Digital information is a critical component of business today. The volume of information that needs to be captured and managed grows every day that is being accessed throughout the day, and must be stored for a longer period of time. Hence we offer, data storage solutions that are flexible, and easier to manage the business challenges.